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The Jane Addams Trail

Jane Addams Trail

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Named after Jane Addams, a social work pioneer from nearby Cedarville, IL, this trail is rich with history, beauty and opportunity to connect with nature. Hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing or riding your bike on the trails isn't only fun, it also contributes to a sound mind and body.

The Village of Orangeville has its own entry point trailhead that offers parking, a picnic shelter with electrical power, pit toilets, water, a barbecue grill and picnic tables. In addition, you'll also find nearby food vendors, a primitive camping area and pit toilets. Our historic downtown also features a secure parking area for bikes and snowmobiles.

Bike Trails are Only the Beginning

The Jane Addams Trail is great for bicycling, hiking, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. It is accessible with motorized wheelchairs and other vehicles designed for, and operated by, people with disabilities. If you're planning on using the snowmobile trails, please note that there must be at least a 4" bed of snow on the trail to safely operate a snowmobile. Although pets are allowed, they must be securely leashed, and pet owners are responsible for all pet clean-up.

The trail is full fauna and flora to excite the senses and bring one closer to nature. While enjoying the trail, it's advisable to bring along water and food so you stay hydrated, and keep your energy level stable.

Jane Addams Bike & Snowmobile Trails

Bike Trails

Be sure to wear a helmet, and use an appropriate bike on the trails. Trail bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids are all appropriate choices. An air pump and patch kit are also essentials you'll want to bring along.

Hiking Trails

In rain or shine, a hat is an important accessory, as are proper trail shoes and possibly a walking stick. Good socks are also critical to comfort and avoiding blisters.

Snowmobile Trails

Just like with bicycling, be sure to wear a helmet when using the snowmobile trails. Gloves, goggles and appropriate winter attire will keep you safe from the elements. Products with Thinsulateā„¢ lining, as well as a good pair of thermal underwear can go a long way in keeping you warm.

Cross Country Skiing

Of course, for cross country skiing, you'll need skis and poles. What's most important is staying warm, while avoiding overheating. Unlike with cross country skiing, your body is in constant motion, and is bound to produce a high amount of heat. Staying layered, and utilizing fabrics that breathe and wick away moisture can help regulate your temperature.

Feel free to contact the Village of Orangeville anytime with questions about the Jane Addams trail.