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Orangeville Illinois Local Government

The following is an overview of the local government in Orangeville, IL. Many of the areas covered below offer links to additional information. Village of Orangeville board meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 7pm at Village Hall (301 S. East Street), and are open to the public. If you have an agenda item, please e-mail the Village Clerk or call (815) 789-4416.

Village of Orangeville Municipal Codes

The provisions of this Book of Codes apply to all persons who reside in or visit the Village of Orangeville. They are intended to help protect and preserve the character of the Village with a consideration toward conserving the community's rights and responsibilities, public health, safety and welfare, while providing the best wholesome community environment. The process of codifying village ordinances was a lengthy one which included reviewing all records of previous ordinances; writing updates to conform to changes in law, technology, and society; and comparing our ordinances with those of other villages of similar size and character in Illinois. This Book of Codes was adopted in March 2010. The Book is subdivided by chapters and listed below with the chapter title to help you search for your subject. Additional ordinances adopted after March 2010 are listed below by ordinance number.




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Village Forms

Village Budget

Village Board of Trustees

   Village President

Michael Siedschlag
Phone: 608-426-1410

Leslie Schmidt

Village Clerk

Toni Koester
Phone: 815-291-0057

Village Treasurer

Michael Schindler
Phone: 815-238-6317


Bill Guinther
Phone: 815-541-5095

Eydie Hanson


Ray Parriott
Phone: 815-297-4336


Daniel Allind


Joe Davis
Phone: 815-821-4622


Tom Scudder


Kurt Schilling
Phone: 815-789-4626



Village Employees

Village Maintenance

Shane Littel
Phone: 815-789-4611


Wastewater Treatment

Marv Pieper
Phone: 815-789-4416

Larry Rackow

Village Police Constable (Chief)

Larry Rackow
Phone: 815-238-5847

Shan MacAdam